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A Deck or a Paver Patio: Which One Should You Install for Your Backyard?

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In this article, we will discuss the difference between a deck  or a paver patio and which one would be best for your house: 


Opting for a deck 

Not like a paver patio, decks are intended to be raised above the ground. Usually, decks are constructed and installed to be next to the house, which can make it appear as if it’s not simply an add-on but rather an extension of your house. Similarly, decks can give a high ROI. As a matter of fact, 76% is the average return on investment on a deck. This figrure is higher compared to any home improvement, such as indoor renovations. Moreover, you can be flexible with the materials that you can construct it with and the design you can use. You can consider building your decks out of vinyl and wood and you can also have them sealed and stained to match the design of your house.  

Since decks are intended to be built off the ground, your property’s slope will not get as much effect in terms of its construction as it would on a paver patio.  Also, it can give you a greater view of the outside part of your house since it’s being raised off the ground. But you need to know that compared to a patio, decks usually need a lot more maintenance. In fact, they have to be pressure washed after every few years while wood decks need to be stained every a few years also. If you want to install a wood deck, know that it’ll most likely be prone to possible problems as well like fading and rot. Ultimately, decks are a lot more costly since it can average 30 dollars every square foot.  

Opting for a paver patio 

Paver patios are different from a deck because the former is placed flush to the ground and is installed out of brick patio or concrete pavers; both of which are quite simple to maintain and install. As a matter of fact, this landscape feature can easily be cleaned and taken care of. Plus, it can potentially last for 25 years and more and it can cover too much area nearly anywhere you want on your property. You can install a small paver patio area far from a huge patio area or your house up against any corner. Though, the ground underneath the patio is the sole limiting factor. Meaning, a few grading works may be needed when your property isn’t level.  

Usually, patios cost less to install and it only requires less effort and a lesser number of materials unless the property requires excavation work to be done. Generally, paver patios permits are not really needed. Regardless of such perks, there are some possible drawbacks that you must be aware of. Your paver patio should be maintained every year to eliminate weeds or fix any misalignments as the years keep going. But it’s typically simpler to keep up a paver patio compared to a deck. Consult to a contractor who specialize in landscaping near me today for more details.  

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